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Green Team


Congratulations to the  Green Team on our 15th Anniversary!

The mission of the Adath Emanu-El Green Team

is to educate, motivate, and empower the community of Adath Emanu-El, adopt environmentally friendly practices in our synagogue, homes, and communities with the goal of reducing our carbon footprint.


As Jews and responsible world citizens, we at Adath Emanu-El put green principles into practice to the best of our abilities and make Adath Emanu-El a leading example of environmental friendliness, consciousness, and justice in order to sustain the world l'dor vador, not only for this generation but for all future generations to come.


In January, 2022 the Adath Emanu-El Board of Directors, unanimously passed a “Green Resolution” to support the following practices:

  1. Replacing existing appliances with energy efficient appliances whenever possible.

  2. Keeping the best environmental practices in mind when renovating.

  3. Using environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies whenever possible. 

  4. Planting species around the building to provide much-needed habitat for local birds and other creatures while also needing less water, and no fertilizers.

  5. Using overall less paper, including recycled paper products, reducing our consumption of paper and using digital communication for official Adath Emanu-El communication whenever possible.

  6. Encouraging our community to use reusable water bottles and discouraging the use of bottled plastic water; to use existing or reusable plates, glasses, utensils and cups for all social events, whenever possible.

  7. Supporting Adath Committees and other groups within the synagogue, to plan events with a focus on environmental education and advocacy.

  8. Promoting a sense of advocacy for change in public policy regarding legislation impacting the environment and environmental social justice.​

The Green Team encouraged the Congregation to take the “Trex Challenge”.  We collected 500 pounds of recyclable plastic over a 6 month period.  In return Adath Emanu-El received a beautiful Trex bench.  We were up to the challenge again, and now have 2 Trex Benches.  We will be announcing our third challenge this fall.​

water filler.jpg

A member of our synagogue community  made a contribution that enabled us to purchase a water bottle filling station in the Religious School wing. 


For more green tips, follow us in the Adath Emanu-El Bulletin. 


If you are interested in joining the AE GreenTeam and making a difference contact the Adath Emanu-El office at 856-608-1200.


Contributions can be made to the AE Green Team Fund. To donate, click HERE and choose "GREEN TEAM FUND" from the pull-down list of funds.

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