Frequently Asked Questions

The Need for a Torah

  • Why do we need a new Torah? Our existing 4 scrolls are aging quickly and becoming unreadable.

  • What are the goals of the Torah Project Campaign? To write a new Torah for our community. Additional funds raised will be used for capital improvements and to further fund our endowment for the future of our congregation. 

  • How long will it take to write the Torah? It takes about 1 year from start to finish

  • What’s involved in creating a new Torah? A scribe in Israel is handwriting Adath’s Torah on parchment.


Your Gift

  • Is this fundraiser in addition to the High Holidays Pledge Drive? Yes

  • How much do we hope to raise? $500,000

  • Has the board backed the project? Yes, with 100% participation

  • What do we get for our donation? The satisfaction of knowing that you participated in this project and the opportunity to sit with a visiting scribe to write in the Torah.

  • Can I donate in memory of or in honor off one of my friends or relatives? Yes

  • Can I donate anonymously? Yes.

  • Will I be able to spread my donations over time?  Yes, all pledges must be paid by June 30, 2022

  • What if I am on a tight budget? Every little bit helps. There are also sponsorship opportunities for every price point.

  • When will the fundraiser end? When we reach our goal.

  • Who is in charge of this project? There is a task force that has been assembled. If you’d like to be a part of it, please contact Alex Grumbacher at


Capital Needs

  • Why is money being raised for capital improvements? We have been at our Elbo Lane location for over 20 years. There are a number of items that are aged and in need of repair or replacement.

  • What are some of the capital improvements that need to be done?

    • Roof - We were fortunate to be able to replace the entire flat roof. Our shingle roof now needs to be replaced.

    • Flooring - Carpeting and tile floors need to be replaced throughout the buidling.

    • HVAC - While the majority of our HVAC systems were replaced within the last 5 years, our largest unit is still original

    • Doors - The exterior doors that lead from each classroom to the playground are beyond repair


  • Does Adath Emanu-El have an endowment? An endowment fund was established at the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern New Jersey 2 years ago. It was initially funded from a bequest by a long time member.

  • Why is it important to have an endowment fund? Endowed funds help financially support an organization outside of their annual budget. 

  • How much of the endowment fund may be used each year? 5% of the overall value may be used each year.


Welcome to Adath Emanu-El, a liberal but traditional Jewish community in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. From its very inception over 50 years ago, our synagogue has emphasized being an extended family, a congregational family. Even in the choice of name we are simply Adath Emanu-El - the community of Emanu-El. We are a congregation that supports a wide range of programs and activities for members of all ages. Our community is based on inclusiveness, where everyone is welcome, regardless of age, marital status, sexual orientation, a Jew by birth or by choice.



205 Elbo Lane

Mount Laurel, NJ 08054


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