Torah Project

A fundraising endeavor to write a new Torah &

ensure its home at Adath well into the future.

Books of the Torah         $36,000

  • Genesis (Bereshit)

  • Exodus (Shemot)

  • Leviticus (Vayikrah)

  • Numbers (Bamidbar)

  • Deuteronomy (Devarim)

Special Passages             $18,000

  • Bereshit

  • Rosh Hashanah

  • Yom Kippur

  • 10 Commandments

  • Sh'ma

  • V'ahavta

  • Attributes of God

  • Passover

  • Song of the Sea

  • Sukkot

  • Shavuot

  • Priestly Benediction

Torah Ornaments

  • Cover            $12,000

  • HHD Cover   $12,000

  • Mantle          $10,000

  • Crowns         $10,000

  • Etz Chaim     $7,200

  • Yad                $5,400

Biblical Stories                  $5,400

  • Seven Days of Creation

  • Creation of Adam & Eve

  • Rainbow Covenant

  • Abraham's Hospitality

  • Rebecca at the Well

  • Jacob Becomes Israel

  • The Burning Bush

  • Parting of the Red Sea

  • Receiving the Torah at Sinai

  • Empowering Tzelophchad's Daughters

  • Birth of Moses

  • Moses Appoints Joshua the Leader

  • The Death and Burial of Moses

  • Noah's Ark

  • Call to Abraham

  • Fleeing Egypt

First & Last Word               $5,400

  • First Word - Bereshit

  • Last Word - Yisrael

Weekly Portion                  $1,800

Biblical Name                     $1,018

Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Rachel, Leah, Moses, Miriam or other. Indicate which name on commitment form.

A Word of Torah                  $360

Letter of Torah                    $180

Child Letter                          $36

Significant Verses   $3,600

Genesis (Bereshit)

  • First Shabbat

  • Noah Sends Forth a Dove

  • Abraham Buys the Burial Place for Sarah

  • Marriage of Isaac and Rebecca

  • Jacob Receives the Blessing

  • Jacob is re-named Israel

  • Joseph's Dream

  • Joseph Reunited with His Brothers

  • Jacob Blesses His 12 Sons

Exodus (Shemot)

  • Commandment of Passover

  • Song at the Red Sea

  • Keeping the Sabbath

  • Land of Milk & Honey

Leviticus (Vayikrah)

  • Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Numbers (Bamidbar)

  • How Goodly are Your Tents, Jacob, Your Dwellings, Israel

Deuteronomy (Devarim)

  • Mezuzot

  • Justice, Justice You Shall Follow

  • I Have Set Before You Today Life & Good



205 Elbo Lane

Mount Laurel, NJ 08054


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Welcome to Adath Emanu-El, a liberal but traditional Jewish community in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. From its very inception over 50 years ago, our synagogue has emphasized being an extended family, a congregational family. Even in the choice of name we are simply Adath Emanu-El - the community of Emanu-El. We are a congregation that supports a wide range of programs and activities for members of all ages. Our community is based on inclusiveness, where everyone is welcome, regardless of age, marital status, sexual orientation, a Jew by birth or by choice.

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